Aspiring Scambaiter Questions

Hey, brand new here. Any guidance on which scams don’t require a VM. I do plan on setting up a VM in the near future. But for now I’d like some phone numbers on scams that don’t require the scammer accessing my pc. I have been able to keep scammers on the phone for over an hour when they just randomly call me. Now, I want to step it up and start scambaiting. I suppose using a google voice number is the way to go since using my own number is a no no. Any advice is great. I find great joy in messing with scammers. :sunglasses:


Gift card, auto warranty, medical button, car insurance, cruise (very rare since the pandemic), travel, SSN, pills, pharmacy (getting more rare with each day), are some types of scams that do not require a VM to scambait. Basically anything that can be described as not a tech scam does not need one.



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You have the general idea :slight_smile: definitely use GoogleVoice and maybe you should try TextNow too.
Baits that don’t really require a VM are usually the SSA, Border Patrol, romance scams, 419 scams, and Publishers Clearing House.
Normally the legends on this forum share those numbers all the time, so just keep your eyes open. Also if you want to set up an encrypted email to honeypot scammers, then that would work too and can be alot of fun. I have some emails I can share with you from 419 and romance scams, so if you are interested, shoot me a PM.
Have fun :smile:


I don’t have a VM, myself, though there are reasons for this. Regardless, as mentioned here already the giftcard, travel scams, and PCH are the most common ones to bait that don’t require a VM. I intend to try baiting a tech scam one day without a VM, just to see how long I can keep them busy for. Also, if you can find a Men’s Vitality number, those are fun. Super rare, but fun. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Also “Final Expense” (burial), Utility, debt relief, PCH, and Comcast/AT&T/Spectrum deals.

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I dont have a VM i use textnow and 2nd line and do just fine. Still plenty of scams to go around daily😊

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You should definitely use text now to place calls / receive calls

Try out some of the live chat scammers :smirk:
The best way to flood them is using a VPN and copy pasting message hehe & Try out the SSA (Social security administration) scams since they are very popular

Pro tip : Use a random identity generator to make yourself a name and a fake SSA numbers

Link this one [][(https://Hyperlink to website)]


Welcome :smiley: glad you can help us waste scammers’ time!


Nice , thanx :sunglasses::+1: very helpful

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Looks like everyone gave you sound advice. There are a lot of great people here!
If I can ever help you or answer any questions, feel free to shoot me a message! The most important thing is: Have fun!