Asap please remove

I can’t seem to find a post which has your number in it. Are you sure someone posted your number on here?

im 101%sure these indian fuking dirtbags are redirecting calls to normal ppl they are abusing our power. we need a sirius identification aka discord call to see if the person is not from india before they are able to use this forum.

or make it 10 bucks to enter and you can only way with paypal or smting but I am sirius tho its a real problem.

@pokeping#9616 yeah, something else

@pokeping#9616 Bad idea. A ‘siriusly’ bad idea.

@pokeping#9616 Yeah, that idea sucks. I don’t even have a card or PayPal.

any ideas how to solve the problem then ?

@pokeping#9634 There isn’t any problem as such and your solution is not particularly useful. This is a forum for everyone to use.

Also, if scammers are redirecting calls, they're not getting through to potential victims.

so it woudent be a good idea to have a live listing with numbers ? as soon as they start redirct we only check once in a while or something my time is being wasted same goes of all the other scambaiters that get redirect to normal people

@pokeping#9644 Eh what? Could you form more cohesive sentences please. I can’t understand what you’re trying to say.

@pokeping#9644 Get on discord.

@FuelDaFlame#9646 im on

What is your username? @pokeping#9651




Number is linked to scams, your comment about being asleep in CA was way off. The time you posted would’ve been between 11AM and 2PM