Arvada world solutions inc tech support scam

Scam Number: (817) 541-5880 /

Additional information about this scam:
tech support scam, mostly printer scam.

Merchant: Arvada world solutions inc via
They also use STRIPE as “Crown computer & laptop solutions

One of their website has been taken down by namecheap:
It was used to process payments.

As well they use this other company to run the scam:


817-541-5880 Alex Monday 12-2-23 7:25PM EST


817-541-5880 Still Active Shawn Tuesday 1-3-22 8:09AM EST


817-541-5880 Still Active Russel Tuesday 1-3-23 12:41PM EST


This number has been answering. Russel answered a few of my calls during which I did not say anything but played for him the recording of HIMSELF that @FIREFIGHTER619 posted; and this seemed at first to confuse him.
Since then I have been mocking and ridiculing them. They keep answering. At first they responded to my mocking them in a most supercilious and amused way, but now they seem to be getting angry. :grinning:

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Sadly stripe didn’t answer at all to my report.
I reported 'em to but I am not sure they did something.

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817-541-5880 Still Active Mark Tuesday 1-3-23 5:15PM EST

Another number for this one is: ‪(865) 601-3013‬

Could we also get a 15 sec recording of the background noise, @FIREFIGHTER619? Someone picks up, but doesn’t talk, and there is very obvious talking in the background

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I think these people are using anydesk. if they are lmk.

callback number: (865) 601-3013

Waited to long sorry


If you get anydesk IDs please send me a DM and I’ll provide to report them.
They will get banned from the anydesk network.
Btw and stripe are investigating their accounts after I reported them.
Let’s see how it will go.
So far… I can tell you that these scammers are very mad since their websites have been reported too. Godaddy sadly isn’t doing anything about (as usual)

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Do you report the numbers to the ftc?

Good question! I did not report the numbers so feel free to report them too!

Always report every scam number you discover to the FTC asap (unless the scammers take down the number, if they don’t, then report it.)

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I think this one wasn’t a anydesk user. I think they are using UltraViewer, And ultraviewer it is easier to report.

They are taking down all the numbers.
Stripe is refunding all the victims who paid using their service :rofl:

They were down for couple of weeks and they are back again.