Are people becoming more aware of scams?

I saw a commercial last night on November 12th, 2021. There was a woman who said there was a scam using gift cards. I tried searching it on YouTube, but I couldn’t find it, so I found something similar.

AARP Fraud Watch Helpline
(877) 908-3360

I think public knowledge of scams depends on the precise type. I think scammers have moved away from Social Security scams (because the public has built up a herd immunity, almost like a virus) to new areas like satellite dish services and car rental services. The public has to get it through theirs head that a legitimate place will not ask them to go to a store, buy a rechargeable gift card, and read it over the phone to an agent.


Agreed. Many scams use gift cards and it’s not just SSA scams alone. Western Union, PayPal, and all the other business that work in the finance field also should make a commercial to warn people about wire transfer scams as well.

No. They aren’t, really. Not at least the actual victims.