April 6 -- 1455 CT

800-749-5804 – Another brain surgeon here. Same old script. I said I don’t work, never have. He said the arrest warrant was under my name. I said don’t you mean my name AND my husband’s name? He said no. I said BUT I DON’T WORk and started crying. He could have cared less. He said he was forwarding it to the local Sheriff for my arrest. I said so my husband is going to arrest me? He actually said yes. I said you had better call him and gave him his name and phone number. He insisted that my husband was going to arrest me. I said Well, I will be sure and have supper on the table early then for when he gets here. What do you think I should serve for dessert? What goes well with handcuffs? Silence. I said You sure are dumb. Rocks think you are dumb. Dumb people think you are dumb. Do you really think all American women are as dumb as Indian women like your mother? That really seems to get their backs up. Then I called him a name that has to do with a goat, since he likes to say goathouse so much.