Apple Virus Alert

This one is from Call them as the Russian embassy or something.


Phone Number: +1-844-705-5630

He won’t let me buy an apple!

He didn’t want to help my porn virus problem!

It seems that they don’t answer calls from google hangouts :frowning:

@SuperLinkBro#9537 Lol, just said to one i want to buy an apple and he immediately said “Fuck you Teri Ma Ki Chut!”


I guess we’ll have to go to the grocery store then.

@SuperLinkBro#9544 Still talking to this scumbag as i write this, he’s just making strange noises down the mic, kinda stange really. Fucking weirdo lol

@SuperLinkBro Ahhhh keep getting the message their on the phone, i think its down. The last time i called they said that they were going to abuse me so i better just hang up so i said go on then, abuse me and they said is that was you say to your dad and then hung up. Pretty good insults lmao

@FOXYCallum1#9547 They’ll be back

@scraps210#9548 Yeah, ill wait till tommorow, its 1AM over here in the UK lol

Yeah same I keep getting messages which means that they are down.

@SuperLinkBro#9550 Yeah, like scraps said though, they’ll be back.

What a fagots they wanna control my iPad

BTW just called apple care they told me to report it to this [email protected] and It is a fishing company