Apple Support USA

+1 (877) 367-6515 / 18773676515

Found this number while I was using my beaten-up Mac. Here's the link to the popup:

(There's a live chat, have fun!)

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@ThaCallerIII#80024 Pissed them off so much, they banned my IP.

Luckily i’m using a VPN.

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lol i was chating with him to and banned me i didnt call him i told him to fix it here is the direct logmein link if any one with apple ios on there vm running

Looks like the live chat was removed - one of the operators on the website’s live chat is named Jaspal, so maybe ask for him.

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everyone seems to ban you becaUSE YOU ARE NOT VERY LIKABLE

Sorry for double posting but they have a new number on their website!

+1 (877) 389-6629 / 18773896629

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Very classy :laughing:

#that was a shitty insult

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Website dead

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Jaspal is a typical first name of Punjabi Sikhs