Apple support scammers

Apple Support scammers


They are apple support scammers, but sometimes they also say they are microsoft support.

Lol been calling them a bunch of times. Now I get “The number you dialed is not in service”. Is anyone else getting this?

@scraps210#8856 Number works fine for me, have you tried changing your caller ID?

edit: call them “bakrichod” and play the navashield laugh, they hate it! Navashield Laughs At You For 10 Minutes - YouTube

@Starmute#8857 It was that one time. It works for me now. Ask for Daniel.

@scraps210#8856 just try again the number is working

@scraps210#8858 What’s with daniel?

edit: oh, that's with daniel. He threatened to perform homosexual acts. Lol

@Starmute#8860 I was gay for him lol

@Starmute#8860 lmaooooo

Do those people have asked you to stop calling them? if so make them an offer.

@scraps210#8861 Ah impressive. I’m continuing to call and play the navashield laugh, it really ticks them off.

@Starmute#8864 Yeah. After I played that laugh, he cursed at me in Hindi. xD

@scraps210#8865 Did you record it? I’m recording all of them, will post them when done.

@Starmute#8866 Yeah but they are not good. No good reactions

He starts giggling when you ask him to suck your dick.

@trustednerd#8868 lol.

Gosh, these people.

I spoke with a faux Indian accent and got asked "are you nigger or sandnigger?"

Listen here. lmao


@scraps210#8856 No why the number work for me they might have blocked your number from calling them .

Damn the number is not in service no more .

@scraps210#8869 Do they charge you for the call?