Apple security lock scam

Scammer’s Number: 1-805-265-9270
Domains Used:
Extra Info: it’s an Apple Security Lock scam the add pops up on sketchy websites (it was primewire for me movie site) but I’m sure it’s on lots of sites won’t let you leave the tab or open anything and if you stay on safari it will automatically prompt you to call the listed number when you call it’s just the reg tech support stuff


I’ve called about a dozen times and keep getting the exact same guy

Yeah idk how many people work there or what I just get that ad ALOT and figured I’d help some people out

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Welcome! btw

Still active 2021-07-13 T 1517 EST

Thank you although I’m new to this community sadly I am not new to scammers and was once a victim I’m really glad to see awareness like this!!! Very happy to be apart of this community!