Apple Scammers Still Active
TFN : (804) 250-9062
TFN : (850) 600-0864
TFN : (855) 708-1326
TFN : (877) 311-7265
TFN : (877) 846-2822

His email is: [email protected]

If you want to spam him xD

ADDRESS Building No.11 B, Khwaja Garib Nawaz Masjid, Topsia Road, Kolkata-700007, West Bengal, India

Annother email adress: [email protected]

Man, 8b sucks in taking down scam sites.

@Slovak_Cat#169805 put those emails on if you want to get them spammed! But use a VPN or proxy (like windscribe), because the scammer can see your IP from the initial confirmation message.

@Zachinquarantine_#169842 I sign up them to awful newsletters

@Zachinquarantine_#169842 And some porn newsletters

@louiseturner1975#169731 Webnode one taken down