Apple 838-386-8817

Scam Number: 838-386-8817

Additional information about this scam:


same scam but apple

Loud background noise. I suspect these guys are in US.

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Told him I was on a windows computer and he started yelling at me. Sounds American or just really good English.

Hhahah… yeah… he called me El Chapo too

Good English, yes. they may be in the US. at this hour, Indian are all gone home.

They finally blocked my number :frowning:

838-386-8817 Still Active Malechode Monday 1-23-23 11:02PM EST

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just called and was mad that I was a PC user called back 3 times from unknown numbers

the number changed from when i called it the first time the first time it said he was busy then he called me back i asked if he was scamming and he hung up on me called back from a different phone said that it was taken down then called back 10-ish min and was an AI interface i put the number thru a call tracer and it said he was in NYC this is also my first time if i did any thing wrong please tell me