API for submitting numbers?

I’m currently working on a tech support number farmer and needed a reporting mechanism. I thought an API would be convenient for reporting numbers directly to this website.

I’m not sure, someone used to have a bot which would post numbers here from the Discord chat but I dunno how it was setup. You can try their website to see if there’s any useful information.


That’s cool if you get it working and it doesn’t get any legit numbers. I imagine the stray or accidental legit number is fine but… I have a program “Scammer Bingo Reborn” and it had a ‘get numbers’ section where it would connect to github or wherever and list fresh numbers… unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work anymore, but the source code is there if you search for “scammer bingo reborn” and it might provide some ideas or help a little bit.

@Graut#2037 I can help you use python with mechanize to connect and post to the website, if that is what you are looking for.

@ScamBaiter#2075 And if this farmer is with any c, c#. or c++ language, they have libraries to run python too.