Anyone know what this weird scam is?


If you go look at reports you will see that they try to ask if you have a blood clot because you can get "compensation". The weird thing about this scam is that they want you to say the word "yes". If you go look at a few detailed reports you will see that they try VERY hard to get you to say the word "yes" and if you don't do it after a while then they will hang up. The question is.. what are they doing with it. I find this scam really weird.

If the number doesn't work today then who knows, maybe they don't work on the weekends. I know someone who called them the other day.

It’s just music. ?

Apparently they record you saying ‘yes’ and use that to authorise credit card or phone charges without you knowing.

It’s more commonly known as the “Can you hear me” scam.

I wonder if you can use firertc and autorize charges to the firertc account?

Also they can just say yes as themselves so they can make charges to the account.

@Jnteamed#5463 No, FireRTC only spoofs numbers, so if they try they may end up charging some uninvolved persons account.

Saying “yes” will not allow them to authorize anything that they couldn’t already. I’m pretty sure it’s just a method of finding valid phone numbers that people answer.

@memes#5477 Agreed, it requires far more information than just “Yes” to do anything malicious such as opening bank accounts, purchasing on credit, and other forms of money fraud.