Anyone know of any "Extended Car Warranty" scams?

Yesterday I received a call from a spoofed number on my personal phone and it was one of those “extended car warranty” scams. I love messing with them but I wish I had a number that worked and that I could keep calling. If anyone knows of how to obtain these numbers or knows any active ones please sent them my way!

Instead of being upset that the number they called from was spoofed, why not play along with the caller and act interested. Then find a screaming child or make some noise to sound like you are being inconvenienced and ask for a callback number for when you are less busy. The key here is to act convincingly good enough for them to believe that you are actually busy but still interested. This is how I get half of my inbound numbers when they caller is clearly spoofing. Happy scambaiting.

Guess what… way back in the time machine somebody on here found a LEAD GENERATOR that sells lists over to warranty scammers.


This is the company responsible for the auto warranty leads

The lead generator for auto warranty tries to pull in data from just about anywhere they can get it—subscriptions, website surveys, insurance brokers, anywhere they can assemble it

The only data points they look for is Phone #, the fact that you own/ed a vehicle. That's it. Sometimes they have supplementary information about vehicles owned but that shit is always old data.

My dad has been getting calls from vehicle warranty scammers for years about my mother's Ford.

My mother has been dead for a while, and the car that some of the scammers mention she traded out 7 years before she died.

One trick with these scammers when they call is that they talk about your "primary vehicle". Ask them for details about your own car. They won't be able to verify shit most of the time. I don't own a vehicle so when I get these calls I really like to fuck with them (I formerly owned several cars so I'm on these lists)

@Philmuhcrackin#85239 I do try to play along. I tell them the year make and model of my car and then they hang up on me. I think they think I am making it up because I sound young and I drive a relatively nice car that not many people would have.

@kenzo#85241 About a year ago the lady asked me for my year make and model and I told her it was a 2005 Lamborghini Murcialago. She told me, “they don’t offer warranties to super luxurious cars” and then proceeded to try and ask me on a date because, “I seem like I have my life together and seem wealthy”.