Anyone interested for a fresh scammer to scammerbait?

Hello. I have an iMac on sale in gumtree (the equivalent of craigslist in the UK) and a scammer decided to scam me. They said that they would pay 200£ and 50 £ more for transport and I should give them an Amazon Gift Card. I have already reported them to but I was wondering if anyone wants to have some fun with them and pretend that it is me (I wish I had time to do the scambaiting myself but alas I am a little too old now). Here is the last email

Diane Bernard <[email protected]>

Thanks Evangelos ,i got your paypal email address ,i will be sending the payment now but i wish to inform you that i would be adding an extra £50.00 GBP to the £200.00 GBP am sending into your PayPal account, which is for the charged shipping fee for the pick up company to register the ( Imac ) for pick up, so you'll help me send it to the shipping company agent via Amazon gift card after the payment confirmation...I will appreciate your help here. As soon as I made the payment PayPal will notify you as well and the total amount I will be sending now will be £250.00 GBP okay?