Any tips on creating a youtube channel?

I am planning to create a youtube channel dedicated to scambaiting. Do you guys have any tips? Do I need a powerful computer to run both the recording program and VMware? I am currently using a laptop and I know of a recording software called OBS. Thank you!

Specs on the laptop?

@DemetriusXVII#10437 i7 6700HQ, NVIDIA GTX GEForce 950, 12 GB RAM, Win 10 64 bit

@heinekenprince#10439 That should be fine to run a Virtual Machine.

@thunder#10448 ahhh but what about recording at the same time. Do you think the recording would be smooth?

Of course, you’ve got an i7.

@thunder#10459 ahh kk thanks

l love how every time thunder replies to a thread the op sets his reply as the “best answer”

@FuelDaFlame#10474 ahahha but all jokes aside that was the best answer.