Any more numbers?

If you have any actual computer popup scammers numbers please reply below and i will try to shut it down.

Make sure it works on google hangouts and/or firertc.

Also please provide the pop up link. Or other proof of scamming.

IRS scammers are accepted as long they don’t block numbers.

I am looking to find ways to spoof numbers so every time they block, they just block a invalid number.

(Psst: Thunder, i already have 100 reputation, see replace/d/39-tags-ranks)

Thanks, Thunder



Thanks, but is there a website link?


just called them again..i just get the hold music....?


305 448 7450 866 237 3267 - 888 504 1166 888 397 6103

Please wait for a verified member to check if it’s really a scam, because website is real and does not have a pop up.

Please wait for a verified member to check if it’s really a scam, because,,, and - website looks real and does not have a pop up.

See the post on advance fee business loans. The legality of the business is questionable. The business practices are are illegal. Hence, the constant unsolicited cell phone calls. That’s a scam. Give them fake business info. See how fast you get multiple calls back. See how fast you get approved for a loan and get a request for your last 3 bank statements.

Of course fake websites look real. That’s the point! Start asking questions about the business. See how fast they hang up!

@myjackcity#3504 I’ve interacted with all of these comapnies, none of them raise any red flags, nor have customers of these companies that I contacted had any complaints. You shouldn’t post numbers to companies like this unless you’re 100% sure it’s a scam, there is an extremely fine line between legality, and how these companies operate on the verge of their legal rights.

@R34P3R#3564 I am 100% that flashadvance and cheddarexpress are scams. They will not answer simple questions about their companies without hanging up. Ask them how they receive their leads and contact information for prospective businesses. They will tell you Experian, some government database, or that they are just calling businesses in the area. All lies because I don’t have a business.

I post numbers that I receive scam phone calls from. I will stop posting when they stop calling.

See discussions on lead generators, advance fee business loads, and vacation scams. If you have legit info on these operations, please share.

@myjackcity#3565 As I stated in the last commend I spoke with customers of FlashAdvance and CheddarExpress, none of those I spoke with (7 different individuals) had any complaints about them being fraudulent or not providing the services they promised. I can tell you are new here, but I NEVER post in opposition or defense of companies without first hand evidence or customer data.

Did you read the discussions on lead generators and advance fee business loans? I have email and documented evidence from these companies working with the lead generators. If you are on good terms with flashadvance management, please have them stop calling me. Did they say that they don’t make cold calls? That’s because the lead generators make the calls… ask for more information about that.

Their business is none of my concern. Unsolicited calls to cell phones violate FTC Do Not Call regulations.

@myjackcity#3567 Keep believing whatever you want, I have my evidence, you have yours. I’m not going to waste my time arguing with some stubborn person who’s so conceded they can’t even take into consideration they could be wrong.

Reply to the advance fee business loan discussion. Please understand that I cannot post my evidence in a public forum. Per the advance fee business loan discussion it has been posted that the legality of these companies is questionable.

R34P3R is correct. If you want, you call them, not me. I only called verified computer and IRS scammers. And i am not going to waste my time trusting you who’s so conceded they can’t even take into consideration they could be wrong. This topic is for 100% computer scam for sure.

And maybe IRS. I am not a real pro that can switch numbers 10000 times when they block me.

Library computer time is running out. See you.