Anthony Blackrose crypto scam


How the scam work:
This is a very complex scam.
It is very hard to find out if you don’t have experience in trading so let me clear this out for you all.
The owner of this scam group is called Anthony Brose ( @AnthonyBlackRose on telegram).
The way he is running this operation is very silly but yet very effective.
He is pretending to be a BITCOIN GURU, writing useless post and prediction on different telegram channels and facebook groups.
In this way he lead the people to think he knows a lot about trading.
He is claiming to be into trading since 8 years but I found a lot of pictures of him basically just playing the guitar and being a regular kid… with nothing to do about trading!
Around 2021 he goes all in and he start posting on facebook and telegram.
His ego grew up and he started asking 60$ per person to join his private telegram group.
Finally business took off and he started to make money offering no service to people.
He just gave some random targets and people LOST a LOT of money following his advices.
Of course he DID NOT give any refund.
He blamed his “customers” and kept going.
He is abusing his victims all the time, calling 'em in very bad ways.
Nobody went to the police (yet) coz most of those kids are having no idea of what is going on.
Some of them, like me, left and we are finally trying to expose this fraudster.
If you want to troll him… let me tell you… you gonna have fun!
this scammer gets instantly angry and you can send him a DM on telegram, he is ALWAYS online.
Eventually use google translator, you will have a LOT OF FUN!

I just sent him a msg and he has already seen it lmao

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He already blocked me but I have a bunch of telegrams lol


He is a CLOWN!
First of all he is claiming of being a trader without showing any documentation, license, PnL or anything like that.
He is also affiliated with Bybit so he gets money out of fees and liquidations.
As well he is very pretentious and arrogant.
He is blocking each and everyone trying to expose him on telegram/facebook and so on.
As well he is demanding support to his victims, telling them that if they don’t click on his post or anything like that… they are basically AGAINST him
Pure psychological warfare. As many other scammers do… he is all about fear, in his writing he is always ranting about how you cannot survive in the market without him and whatever you find for free gonna get you rekt.
If you want to set him on fire you can call him " occhio di pene ".