Another Whatsapp Russian Fake Job Scam

Scam Number: +91 81443 06645
Scammer’s Website or Email: Telegram: Contact @bb13355
Additional information about this scam:
Translation: Greetings! I am an employer for the Ozon company, and currently we are looking for 100 part-time online-employees. You can work from home, using your phone, and easily earn from 5000 to 30 000 rubles a day, and the payout will be at the same day. These simple tasks can be completed in any place at any time. Contact us using Telegram: @bb13355 or press the link to add Telegram and contact us Telegram: Contact @bb13355.
(Note: applicants must not be younger than 20 years old, students are not accepted.)

I was baiting this Russian, and I got 2 links that we can get shut down Link 1 and Link 2.

Below are 2 examples of these Sites, you can see its the same thing. Example 1 and Example 2 They look to be the same website on a different domain, lets go ahead and get these shut down asap

Update After looking at there websites on a Domain Loookup website I found out that one of the sites is registered in Hong Kong