Another weird story

Number: (855) 341 3935

My gag name: Mike Rotch

I called the same number from the last story I told, and a technician by the name of Angel Woods has picked up. I was joking around at first, saying I need help because I have the Hillary Clinton virus and he was laughing about it. He connected to my computer and we both were laughing at the Clinton virus and Trump antivirus. He then hung up, but was still connected to my computer, so we used notepad to communicate. It turns out, he doesn’t like scamming people. I told him that he should get a new job, because he was actually a really nice person, and he said he actually is trying to look for one. He says he’s not exactly a scammer, he just overcharges people for free antivirus software, and I told him that he could be doing better things with his life than taking money from innocent people. After he disconnected from my computer, I wanted to call him back, so when i recalled, I asked for Angel Woods, but the guy I was on the phone with said there was no one by the name of Angel in their office.


He probably was still there but didn’t wanna answer or was busy my guess. I hope he does quit

Yeah, I called back 10 minutes after and a guy said that Angel was busy.