Another tech support scammers

Hi, this company makes fake pop ups saying u have a virus so u have to call them.

So well, i called them, i told them i have a virus, the tehnichian who was with me is very stupid, when he went to msinfo32 it was clearly said VMWare but either he didnt notice or he is just plain stupid, another thing is that when he was using cmd to scan the computer i saw him typing the fake error.

I went with him to a payment gateway which is with username and password, i went to see if he had another transactions but no he didnt, so u should have akeylogger on the vm or well check if the technichian had made other transactions in order to refund the money. After a few fake credit card numbers he alerted me that if this one if fake i will get a call from th eplice, so when he found out that that number is also fake he told me that the police will call me, so then i confronted him, he responded me with rude words. +18448803398 is their phone #, they also support for printers.

I called them and blasted some music at them. All they said was hello.

@ppqq1#8964 What’d you blast?

Called them, didn’t sound foreign to me. I think they asked me how I was doing? I hung up after that.

They did the usual msinfo32 and evenviewer, they kept saying oh, how legit they are. I’m not 100% sure but I think they are a scammer I want to upload the picture of the notepad but it says oops! something went wrong.

@thebestname21422#9008 they are scammers

@Starmute#8965 Wake me up inside by likin park