Another Tech Support Scam 18888302958

trolled a couple of times but haven’t gone through the scam yet don’t know what they do

works on FireRTC troll as much as you can




spam them plz

[“Another Tech Support Scam outgoing 18888302958”,“Another Tech Support Scam 18888302958”]

I completely shut them down a couple of weeks ago, freakin scammers are back now.

Dont want to answer :frowning:

oh yea, they are getting completely spammed with ‘surveys’ and other messages.

Spammed them with calls using FireRTC, soundboarded the hell out of them. “Johnny” answered and when I play the “I’m Batman” sound effect, he was like “Yes, I know you are mad man”. XD Has he not heard of DC Comics Characters? lmao.

spammed the hell outta them myself yesterday, over 11 hours worth . they seem to be gone now…except for that annoying fake disconnected message…

@willisdyk1#23407 thanks for your dedication :slight_smile:

lol, my computer is the dedicated one. i just check it out every so often…