Another suspicious site

This site is safe to visit, but looks very dodgy/scammy:

Phone: +1 855-841-1286


I haven’t baited them yet, so I can’t confirm they’re scammers, but they sure do look like scammers

Punjbai scammers for sure/

twitter: @robinsinghc31

also (Yes

Registrant Name: gurpreet singh <<Punjabi Scammer
Registrant Address1: 11408 118 st
Registrant City: south ozone park
Registrant State/Province: New York
Registrant Postal Code: 11420
Registrant Country: United States
Registrant Country Code: US
Registrant Phone Number: +1.3474003862
Registrant Email: [email protected]

If you read the “About Us” page on this site, you will notice that there are many spelling and grammatical errors. It is probably written by someone who knows English, but English is probably not their first language. Maybe the errors are the result of someone running the literary piece through a translator?

I agree. This person isn’t fluent in English or don’t know simple grammar. Either way ​the signs are saying don’t trust this site.