Another scammer, woohoo!



Be cautious when going to the website, it tries to inject a JavaScript bug into your browser (use AVG to remove it)

I called them up and said I searched up porn (lol). They said it wasn’t a secure site, and they’d connect to my computer. I said they can just tell me over the phone, but they got annoyed and hung up.

Anyway, have fun.

Update- turns out if you have already clicked on the link or something, it redirects to something else.

Not sure why.

Just called these guys and had some fun swearing at them in Hindi.

LOL, just waisted over 1 hour of their time. I have a fake background program that displays Indian Tech Support Scammer DETECTED with pictures of a male Indian and female Indian pretending to be from Microsoft! It appears with a shortcut key and disappears with another-- drives them mad! I also replaced syskey.exe with my own syskey.exe that pops up the same warning! They cussed me out big time, LOL!