Another REAL SSA number has been reported as a scammer

+1 (877) 405-7679

This checks out as the Indiana branch of SSA. Traced the phone number as being owned by someone in Pittsburgh.

Although here on Robokiller
and Nomorobo
they're rated as SEVERE.

So the plot thickens

This number was removed 11 hours ago. Thanks for reporting!

@TheLittleBirdWhoToldYou#118305 Yes, it does thicken as the number is listed here:

Seems like a legit number to me.

@TheLittleBirdWhoToldYou#118305 so what happens is that scammer use callerID spoofing to appear to be calling from that number even though they don’t really own it. Basically you can let any number be displayed as callerID and scammers use that to their advantage to fool people into believing that the real SSA is calling.

Now Nomorobo and RoboKiller cannot distinguish if the number is spoofed or real as they are just looking at the callerID so they receive tons of spam calls from that number -> that number must be scam.

A lot of them on nomorobo are moving to the “press 1 to speak to an agent/representative/whatever” model, spoofing a fake phone number and leaving no call back. Last night a call center went live around 6PM that used that method, plus caller IDs of multiple actual SSA offices. They all had the same agent name of Kate

Are some numbers getting dumped into Bobrtc automatically? Why would someone put a number there without taking the time to call it and verify that it's an actually scam?

Dahm if they ever get a decent command of English they might actually succeed a bit more now.

@kaliban48#118302 Thanks again for the report!