It was maybe a week ago that I came across this scam- +14502351545

When you call this no.,no one will say anything you can either speak your number or just disconnect after 5 seconds.

Either way you are going to recieve a call from a spoofed no. +1 844-490-6450(You cant call it directly).

These are extreme scammers,they abuse so much and threaten to kill you.One scammer told me that he would tie me with a rope and shave off all my skin and then eat my penis!(Stupid pieces of shit).

So if you are willing to deal and annoy the crap out of em call +14502351545 now!

I called them up so many times,that whenever they pick up anyone’s phone they abuse them.

I know it’s a scam as these guys,call up randomly and say that your L. key has expired.

This no. may forward you to multiple scam no.'s,like the IRS,I myself talked to them HAHA!