Angry Tech Scammers

+1 855-332-0124

They used a script on my VM which tried to detect a VM and failed, I made them really angry with fake credit card info

They seem to use for their payments

Also they seem incapable of hanging up the phone LOL

Edit: I just realised they use some BS software to detect anything wrong with a computer but it says that 7USD will be removed from their corporate account for the scan and I keylogged their company info needed for the scam :D

Syskeyed my VM 3 times, kept telling them that it was a VM and he didn’t care

Do you still have a copy of that script?

@etnguyen03#7508 Any idea where it would be stored on my VM? I can’t seem to find it

@Flinty94#7528 What software did they use for remote support?

dead number