Angry scammer syskeys virtual pc

Tech Support scammer, [Phone cummber]+1-888-723-3816

They’re Website is Systweak

Achievements Unlocked;
Stopped services
Fake name
Fake location
Microsoft Certified Gold Platform
dir /r
Kernal Drivers Broken
reinstall All Microsoft software
Install Anti Wirus
Trojans and hackers detected
Netstat -a
Skipping real malware
Can't uninstall Malwares named UCbrowser, Mailru

Angry Scammer ================================================================
Findout a way to block it
They will try to install it to see vmware
I've wasted 6h of they're time, they are extremely funny

Also links

Also if any one need Malware for scammers pm me, I have made a Scammer vs Malware Pack

Dead number ?

They get REALLY ANGRY FAST!!! Instant HANG UP!!! After I said I live in US

Setup is created with inno setup installer and protected by a password, I was able to brute force the password and extract files.

Link (extracted files for PCDiagnosisProTPSSetup.exe):
pass: xtr@cted

The purpose of this extracted setup is so that you can learn to block this from being installed on your virtual machine by the scammer. Or you can mess with virtual machine settings until it is totally hidden from this scammy application used by scammer.

I have confirmed it, it is not a malware but a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). Already reported this to antivirus vendors. However, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONSEQUENCES OF USING THIS APP, USE WITH CAUTION!


P.S. In case you decide to take on this mission, 'PCDiagPro.exe' is the file you want to execute. RUN THIS CRAP ONLY ON YOUR VIRTUAL MACHINE.

Also is a genuine website, once you attempt to purchase, it redirects you to SSL protected page and Quick Heal is a legit company.

Cant seem to reach this number, is it dead? Keep getting a busy tone.