Angry Scammer Behind this Number 1-832-984-7907


It all started with an Acorn invite from a man named Bryce, I ignored that message until today. I had gotten another text this morning about a "Free Gun Survey" and with all automated messages, Since I believe their to be computers I texted back "Stop" and then "Bitch". Little did I know, This one had a real person spamming my number with dumb ads and promotions. This 'Bryce" got so angry about the fact that I had texted back bitch and went off. Asking for locations, threatening to beat my ass and fxck some guy? (IDK why he sent that, lol) but all in all. Why do these people spam us with crap and get hurt over one word? An argument was had and my last texts were me, explaining "nobody cares about your acorn dollars or surveys" finally got him off my back. Be careful, some of these scammers have a real sensitive side to them.