Angry Debt Collection Agency Scammers

I am new here so Greetings Everyone. I happen to come across a couple of DCA numbers that appear to be working together when I did some research on them. They don’t seem legit.

I have been bombarding them with calls the last day or so. They have been fun for me because they get angry pretty quick and will engage in verbal spats with you.

This loser, Anthony Lozano cold calls you with some past debt that you owe and that he is a processor to serve you papers. he leaves a case number and refers to the "law firm" You can reach Anthony at 310-384-2231.

The law firm he references is 855-564-1351. These guys are a piece of work. Arrogant pieces of crap. They present themselves as a legitimate law firm, MSM & Assoc on Wilshire Blvd in California. However, I cannot find no record of this Law Firm on the internet.

I called them and some woman name "Ashley" answered and I trolled her, I called back and ask the dude, "Mark Davidson", Where's Ashley? He says they don't have women working for them, effen liar!

Anyway, they will get into with you which makes for great entertainment.