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I got into a PC of “Rose” which seems to be the only one that answers every time.

What I figured out is that its ONE person from India. Their name is Chinna. they run EVERYTHING. Theres only one person running that website and theyre managing SEVERAL conversations at the same time. I think I can get into the website and shut it off. But it will take me some time.

Well, that means he is easier to take down. Maybe you could make the stream tonight about him, but lets hope he comes back online.

Good luck

@Bryce#10576 I ran a vulner check. the site has atleast 3 or 4 backdoors.


@iMoss#10583 First off, nobody calls it a vulner check. Second, please refrain from talking about anything illegal. Ratting is the exception only when you state that have ratted somebody. Telling people how to crosses the line.

Interesting. Can you possibly live stream this?

I pretended i was from Microsoft fraud department and when i said his name was Chinna he said no in a worried manner. His Phone Number is - (844) 447-4480

@Bryce#10576 This is his email - [email protected] so if anyone could pass the information onto him and if anyone legit works for Windows that was would be amazing if they could because he seems stubborn on that its not a scam.

I talked to him and he admitted to being a scammer


First off i call it whatever the fck i want. Second blow me dude.

Heres some l33t copy pasta:

int main()


char job1[14] = “Incompetent”;

char job2[10] = “Scambaiter”;

printf("%s by day… %s by night!", job1, job2);


"Innocent Child by day... Incompetent by night!"

@iMoss You got the output wrong and you didn’t change the array size. Also, you have no right to call me incompetent. I’m ending this with those statements, I suggest you do the same.

@iMoss#10667 Totally uncalled for and very rude.

I know people have already confirmed its a scam but it has a very low rating on MyWOT.

Posting this as further evidence.

Lewis’s tech done this on his livestream haha