"American Vehicle Protection," Extended Warranty scammers SUED by the Federal Trade Commission

SOURCE: FTC Action Leads to Industry Bans for Operators of ‘Extended Vehicle Warranty’ Scam | Federal Trade Commission

  • The Federal Trade Commission has just filed a lawsuit against Kole Consulting Group and their owner, Daniel Kole; CG3 Solutions, Inc. and the Tony Gonzalez Consulting Group alongside Tony and his brother Charles, for running the “American Vehicle Protection (AVP)” operation to scam consumers out of millions of dollars since February, 2022.
  • The FTC argues that the company made unsolicited calls to victims on the national do-not-call registry to claim to be affiliated with vehicle manufacturers and that their products offered “bumper-to-bumper coverage.”
  • Kole and his company have since been banned from the auto warranty industry and have been ordered to pay $6.6 million, of which a temporary suspension has been put in place as they cannot pay this fine in full.

Wow the FTC actually did something, I’m in shock! I was starting to lose hope that none of our government agencies cared even in the slightest but this actually made me feel pretty good today. This just proves to me that there are still good people in government that want to do the right thing.

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FCC has recently started doing their job as well!