American loan monkey

Scam Number: 770 984 5903
Domain Used:
Extra Info: loan fraud losers

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U guys gonna hit this??
Hmm sometimes u can do the loop sometimes not.
101# loop

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I don’t think they know how to block numbers lmao ive called them 40 times from the same one

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Hitting them up gun sounds monkey sounds patriotic music
me and my monkey song😝

Welcome to the community @NickB515
Jump right in, the water’s fine! :grin:

Ha ha listened to first half of Chopin then when second half came on they hung up🤣

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Add 1 loan? 844 601 0300
Wait not sure if tech or loan update : DEAD 2 ring new #

I called and said “I’d like to take out a loan of $6.9 million dollars to open the world’s largest porn store”

Woman answered and was like "Oh my gosh, really? Do you want to give me " but I hung up before she could finish.

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Norton life lock customer support.
Hit 0 to by pass the blah blah blah …

844 601 0300 is
DOA at 1:30 EST