American debt relief

I’ve started to cruise through areas where these sub continent bullshit artists are hanging out.

There will be more as they’re discovered

2085404981 American debt relief

2085404996 American debt relief

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Freddie the fuitcake fancier has a few numbers it seems

2085404977 American debt relief

Then as the dialer hit the next digit downward there was this clot calling himself Mike Johnson

2085404976 American loan services

Well fuck me dead if Freddie didn’t appear again :wink:

2085404963 American debt relief

More from these pricks with bottomless barrels of imaginary cash in exchange for your real cash

2085404945 American loan services

I also believe this is them who think they are speaking to someone called Johnny (who the hell is this Johnny?), but I spooked them by calling back once, then two times more trying to get them to speak without ever lowering my standards and speaking to them. They stopped saying anything when I light up their inbounds with more calls than they see all day with a mix of the same caller ID as well as a few dozen with their number I was calling as the caller ID, all at the same time.

No sense of humor whatsoever from these idiots. :grin:

2085404959 American loan services??

Then lots of silence when they were good and spooked