"American Cash Rewards" - (847) 396-9421 & (954) 944-2352


*"Hello and good day. This is an automated call from the American Cash Awards Sweepstakes and Lottery Company. We are calling in regards to a $8,500,000, and also a brand new car, that you are supposed to receive. For further information, please contact John Bell, the Mega Millionaire Claims Department, at telephone number (954) 944-2352 for the delivery patrol team. To identify your package, you will have to provide your unique claims number which is WIN309US Congratulations and thank you for making the American Dream a true dream.


Calling the (847) number will transfer you to John’s voiucemail. Calling the (954) number will result in an instant hangup.

847-396-9421 Michael Wednesday 2-22-23 2:49PM EST

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