Amazon Text Refund 833-856-1726

Scam Number: 833-856-1726
Scammer’s Website or Email: Text
Additional information about this scam:

AmaZon: 0rder Placed #AMZZ#1928954 for Steel Rack Stand Amount of $1849 will be Debited from your Visa/card . Not you ? Inform Us. +1(833) 8-5-6 1726

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833-856-1726 Malechode Tuesday 11-22-22 3:50PM EST

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I got two women, first Jessica, then Maria.

I told Maria that Jessica owes me money, as I’m her badwah… She passed the phone to her!!!

That’s funny @Loch2122 . They’ve changed the greeting to some$100 gift card now.

What type of avoiding phone that I can use cuz my TextNow account keeps on disconnecting me so I had to make multiple accounts just to use text now so if you have any recommendations please text me back I really need a better voice phone

@TSMGHOST Set up a google voice number from a gmail account. You could also use CitrusTel or Globfone. You can also use one of your textnow numbers on you cell phone using the TN app.

I’ve been having the same problem using the TextNow webpage this evening. Most of calls just disconnect.

its saying the number may have changes but they can help me with my healthcare insurance