Amazon Scammer

Scam Number: 206-259-5592
Scammer’s Website or Email: Amazon scammer called me back, dont know from where
Additional information about this scam: He’s dumb

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Is this a conference call?

I called and it was just a bunch of other baiters lol

Lots of background noises. Conversations

What is the regular number

Not sure exactly, he was a random callback I had.

Odd, I could hear other baiters so I was confused lol

Someone was yelling Harame I could hear. That was American lol

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Hey whoever you are, I heard you on the phone… if you said “I hope someone is recording this” while yelling at a scammer…

I was and I heard you lol DM me

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Glad someone was recording

It was me broski. I yelled harrami!!
I don’t know how to DM on the app.
Please contact me and we can talk.


I speak pretty fluently when it comes to hurling insults