amazon scam

Scam Number: 8886630491

Domain Used:
Extra Info: they are doing amazon scam


Told him I wanted an email with a return label for my AR-15 because they sent me a black one and not a pink one. He was twisting in circles trying to figure out how to scam me. He got really offended when I said his English was terrible.I finally spoke in HIndi and he was like WHERE DID YOU LEARN THOSE WORDS? From your RUNDI mother.


Callback 321-284-8655

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888 663-0491 … I did not get an answer. “The number you have dialed is not in service or blah blah blah.”

808 466 3054 … “Sorry, your call cannot be completed.”

888 204 7508 … It rang once and the call dropped it seems from my TextNow. From my Unknown Number VOIP though, this number rings and rings and rings and rings but did not go to any voicemail, so I just hung up without anybody answerin’.

321-284-8655 … I’m on hold music! A guy “David” answered just now, @JusticeinTexas! I’m sendin’ now whil on phon

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Talked to them for 15 minutes while they tried to figure out how to run the scam.

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I know! So inept some of these criminals are! I’m guessing there might be a higher turnover in foreign Scam Call Centers, especially in India or Pakistan, compared to 2 or 3 or 4 years ago. Nowadays it seems that so many of the scammers are freshers, are newbies. There are nowadays more real and legitimate reasons to mock these newbies’ ineptitude as crimianals and inability to enunciate in English.

I was on the phone with “David” for awhile but at some point I became impatient and let loose on him verbally.

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Guy said MY name was terry Machichood. I pretended I had no idea what that meant.He just went on with the scam.

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