Amazon Scam

(478) 291-3348. Active. Scambitch answering!

11:44 am central I got a guy on the phone and he said his name is Stefun but I think he meant Steven. While on the phone with Stefun, in my other hand from a different phone number I got Eva on the phone. At one point I encouraged them to speak to their fellow criminal colleague, at which point Eva started cussing Stefun though she intended to cuss me.

I had Stefun on the phone for a good 15 minutes but Even on the other call was only on for 5 minutes during the end of the 15 minutes with Stefun.

These scammers are not the brightest in the bunch to be sure. They are not as slick and accomplished as some other Amazon scammers with whom I have had phone calls.

I am posting this and I will continue with pleasure to call these criminals!

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@Hviezdoslav I PM this # to you guys. These morons talk a whole lot of nonsense for sure. Gonna try and distract them and get into their system for some recon.

Trolling … :sweat_smile:gleefully … be in front of computer … Laptop … Google Chrome open it … Www.TEAMVIEWER.COM

I’ve gotten Stefun and Eva on the phone calls again but there is also another woman but I do not know her name. At one point, I had Eva and another scammer gal on the phone calls at the same time.

They have yet to block my two numbers!

@Jhawk going in as special forces! I do not mind bein’ a mere private in the infantry! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You do your special forces mission, @Jhawk!

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I know @Draco is wasting their time before she PUTS THE HAMMER ON 'EM!

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HOARDING THEM :sweat_smile:… ha ha

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@Hviezdoslav :rofl: Thanks for the good belly laugh!!

Now I am gettting “Call back in 15 minutes” message! Take that you dumbasses!

Pick in up every time

12:19 PM central I got Eva on the phone again!

This has happened to me before a couple of years ago with a female Indian scammer.

I had woman answer this 478 291 3348 but she did not say her name. She answered singing a song. I am not sure if it is Eva or not. Wait, I will ask her. Yes, it is Eva. I asked because I thought I recognized her voice as I had been calling her out and even insulting her in an uncouth way at times on prior calls and she was cussing me back in prior calls. But on this call when I had said at some point, “You have a nice singing voice. It is too bad you are working as a criminal” I asked her her name and she said Eva. I said, “Oh yes, I thought that was you Eva. I have talked to you on many prior calls today.” She asked me if I know of Ariana Grande and I said yes, so she sang me her favorite Ariana Grande song. I asked her to sing for me a traditional Hindi ballad and she did so. We were on the phone for more than 14 minutes because logged into where I switched it to show Unknown Number it has the exact length of the call. She abruptly hung up in the middle of singing, probably I think because some supervisor or colleague got close enough to her and she did not want to incur the wrath of the other scammers. So she wasted over 14 minutes of her own time and OBVIOUSLY she is not trying very hard at this point to scam.

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I got a David on the phone but he hung up 5 seconds after he answered when I had not said anything yet.

I got a Shirley on the phone and I told her that David admitted immediately that you all are scammers in a prior call I had made, which is not true of course, and Shirley asked, “So what?” I said, "I thought you should know that one of your criminal colleagues is sabotaging your scam by admitting to callers that you are scammers and Shirley just hung up.

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