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@JAMES00990#187490 Reported with netcraft! google should take them down too.

IP of amazoncodemytv: []

Reported to Google

@drwat#187555 Nice! I have a video of me trolling the people of amazoncodemytv! I will put the link to the video when it is finished! :slight_smile:

is there any active numbers that I can dial rn???

@rinxlen#187557 link to video:

@Mahadevsharma199#187564 Later in night, you can dial travel scammers

got another one!

their number +1-844-303-7560

text now doesn’t let me connect calls to scammers is there any other way I can make free calls to them ?

@Mahadevsharma199#187886 Talkatone is a great VOIP service. Sype also works! :slight_smile:

@JAMES00990#187490 Reported them to their providers. one of them is already disabled.

got another scam site: