Amazon Scam with chat box >> +1(808)-210-2209

Scam Number: +1(808)-210-2209
Domain Used:
Extra Info: Check chat box for scammer numbers

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1 ring hang up (5:20 pm)

808)-210-2277 changed number

New Number (808)-210-2277
Pay $119 by PayPal, Company Rsupport NDE1645

Nothing on Google when searching RSUPPORT NDE1645 or NDE1645 however is connectwise control and scammers have been using this site which is interesting. Rsupport sounds like a fake name as a legitimate company shows up when you search for it which is a software company with stocks located in South Korea so doubtful its them.

So probably a fake name but interesting indeed.

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Yes likely fake. She had Punjabi accent. I am suspecting Chandigarh city. I sent a grabify