Amazon Scam >> +1(860) 249-8928

Scam Number: +1(860) 249-8928
Domain Used: Bricks MyTV Restoration -
Extra Info: Amazon Scam

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They are scamming with new number now : 1-860-249-8928

Lets irritate them

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using same number with new URL : Masonry MyTVs Restoration - Contact Us

Lets prank

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They have blanked their contact form :frowning:

They are live again.

Lets trouble them.

Went to voicemail: “Thanks for calling physical therapy center in (some place I forgot)”


Edit: I just told them via voicemail that their number has somehow ended up intertwined in a scam and that they need to look into it. Whatever.

Also, both URLs are live and both are pointing to the physical therapy center #.

they are live again

abusing me for calling again and again :smiley:

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I call and get “Thank you for calling physical therapy and sports medicines center in Gilbert. We are sorry we missed your call. Please leave your name, number, and a brief message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you and have a great day.”

Can someone help?

I only wanted to spam “Among Us” into their contact form, but I guess I just DoSed the site somehow…? I sent a message titled “Among Us” every 420 milliseconds and the site has deaded after about 5 seconds. Get better hosting lmao.


Edit: It’s going up and down right now. Sometimes I get this message, so I guess all these contact messages are somehow stored on their server’s disk…? Neat, I guess.

Mouse-over reveals different numbers on page.

+1(860) 249-8928 button: 908-777-1525
Click to call now button: 623-252-1478

Mouse-over reveals different numbers on page.

+1(860) 249-8928 button: 908-827-1212
Click to call now button: 602-529-2215

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Thank you!

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I’ve called them and I’m on hold or something. Pretending to be an older woman. I think I’m doing a good job voice acting because he’s called me “Ma’am” and believed my nonsense.

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I have to go on a family walk right now so I can’t waste their time. At least I wasted a few minutes when I convinced them I forgot my ZIP code.

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Not sure, but either the scammers put fake numbers or this person is scamming on the side.

Lazuli Healing
Massage Therapy
2024 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ 85006
602-529-2215 ← (number in the mouse-over in my previous post above)
Lazuli Healing has been registered with the National Provider Identifier database since August 10, 2019 and its NPI number is 1124674718.

© 2022 Vitadox
Source: Lazuli Healing | Massage Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

NPI Number: 1124674718
Title or Position: OWNER
Authorized Official Name: SHELA YU
Credentials: LMT
Telephone Number: 480-385-9493

Wow, that’s strange. Let’s hope they aren’t scamming on the side and that the Amazon Prime scammers are just being stupid.

I am at it again. About 2 minutes wasted so far, let’s hope I can get to more.

20 minutes reached and I got some info about what their group is actually called it seems.

Edit: Nearly 40 minute mark. They accepted my [email protected] email (because they’re stupid) and I convinced them I don’t know how to click a link or look at text messages which wasted at least 10 minutes of their time.

Edit 2: The most hilarious thing happened when I was spelling out my made up address. They were confirming that they wrote my address correctly and one of the letters was “I” so they were like “I as in India, correct?”

Plus the Indian accent. Very cool.

Edit 3: I reached the 1 hour mark and decided to just finish off the call. I had gotten tired of how boring the scammer is. They didn’t get the slightest bit angry, but they were so dense and stupid. I tried to explain to them many many times that “my bank” (I don’t use the bank that I claimed to use lmao) has flagged the transaction as fraud and gave me a fraud warning about it and other crap, and they were just like “yes we have sent this warning out to our customers because we are moving the Amazon server because of hackers.” :neutral_face: