Amazon Scam +1 850 374 5007

Call this bastard [+1 850 374 5007](tel:+1 850 374 5007)

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Name: kunal nanda


City: pathankot

State: Punjab

Postal Code: 145001

Country: IN

Phone: +91.9878992202

Just had a nice long chat with Kunal. He said that he places Google ads to direct people to his site (which he’s copied from

Once they enter their Amazon device code, it (of course) produces a fake error and directs them to call his center, where they try to sell tech support services for $50/month.

He said he also has sites for Roku, Apple TV and others.

He saw nothing wrong with this, nor the fact that he's falsely branding his site with the Amazon Prime logo, and didn't admit to any deception. I'm sure the "services" he sells are just as bogus as his sites.

The number he called back from is (737) 201-6272, in case anyone wants to get more info from Mr. Nanda.

Called him through text now by earning credits. He didn’t know who I was :rofl:

I called him telling him that I ate a cow, and he said, “No no, you don’t eat the cow. We do not eat cows… no no”

5 ring

Most likely the scam center is in Chandigarh (or Mohali suburb), Punjab. Pathankot may be the registered address. Infrastructure in Pathankot s not very good.

Kumal Nanda is a native Punjabi speaking person