Amazon refund scam 844-550-1479

Scam Number: 844-550-1479
Domain Used: Text message
Extra Info: received this text few hours ago on my VOIP

Order Placed AMZ-4DSXZD0Z for Cambo ST-1 Frame for Shooting Table of $1199.00 will be auto deducted from your card. not you ? Call Us +18445501479

IP: (Haryana, Gurgaon. India)

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This number Not In Service anymore. Tried with GV and TN

I just got this text message. Do I need to shut my credit cards down? Someone please help.

Did you call them and provide your card somehow ? if so, then yes you need to.

If not, then that’s just a fake text to scare you so you call them and start the scam. no need to do anything other than deleting the text. kindly provide the text message that you received.