Amazon refund scam 805-251-1597

Scam Number: 805-251-1597
Scammer’s Website or Email: SMS
Additional information about this scam:
AMAZ0N: Your 0RDER# AMA27161 for iPhone 14 Pro is confirmed, U.S.D. 999.99 will be debited from your card. Call 805-251-1597 to change or cancel.

New Delhi / Noida IP

805-251-1597 Amazon scammer from Noida near New Delhi

A worker told me to go f-ck myself. He would not let me speak to his supervisor.


What an ~outrage!~ :rofl:

scammer we talk to said his dad died and wanted to quit. he said he hates it and he wants to leave. hope he gets my scambaiting email and sends me more info

he told me the scam call center is based in Gurgaon India ( not sure if he was telling me the truth. phone number cut abrupltly at the 10 min mark


Seems sincere
It seems all scams from 805-251-1592 >>805-251-1598 are from
region New Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida/Ghaziabad about 22 miles radius

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said the business was called Acrophobic phone in gurugram

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Gurugram aka Gurgaon city
Strange name Acrophobia (fear of heights)