Amazon Refund Scam 307-309-2692

Scammer’s Number: 307-309-2692
Domains Used: n/a
Extra Info: This is a classic Amazon refund scam. Received the phone call on my TextNow number, I played along and made it to the closer (the initial caller was new or not very proficient in English) aka refund department. Messed with him a bit, but he hang up after I asked if his parents are proud of what he is doing.

I called back, same guy answered and he said, “Stop wasting my time, I have other calls to make to steal money”.

Let’s waste more of his time!


The number “2692” has been reported to the system… thanks! :joy:

Ha ha, I can’t wait to call them later.

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That was quick. “The number you have reached is no longer in service”.

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:joy: Enjoy!

Long time no see, my friend!

Likewise, my friend. The garden is very demanding.

Mine too. I have so many tomatoes! My beans are done and I am so sick of putting up beans. Start a new batch in August. My pumpkins, cukes and squash are are doing their thing. So I understand!

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“Lock your cars!”

Zucchinis might mysteriously appear inside. :slight_smile:

taking it down…
will be down in few seconds

Bwahaha! I used to do that when I had a farm. Drive by an put them in the front seat of people’s cars or leave them in their rural mailboxes. Terrible me!

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2692 is dead. RIP

Amazon Scam Currently Active +1(202)794-6769)