Amazon prime (844) 994-4223

Scam Number: (844) 994-4223
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: This side james answered, rings for a little while bu picks up

Device Unlocked - Register Your Device (

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New number (877) 261-0018
Device Unlocked - Register Your Device (

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877-261-0018 Mike Wednesday 11-23-22 11:22AM EST

got greeted nicely


what a nice greating!

Now they answer “eBay support”

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877-261-0018 Alex Wednesday 11-23-22 3:39PM EST

Wow…huge difference; my guy was nasty from the get-go. Didn’t announce who he was…after I said my English isn’t so good he starts cursing poor Igor out in hindi, then gets his ghondoo-buddy to join in.

From the other recordings i expected professionaiism from these rats…oh well. Fun anyways.

I called back as an American… they were so much nicer!! Racist A-holes