Amazon Phishing Spam E-mail - logs creds, CC details, billing address


Spam e-mail is blasted from [email protected]

Some e-mail headers



Phishing page

Hyperlink in e-mail:


Yesterday leads to domain
Today the shortened link leads to
(I didn’t keep the full URL in my records)

Phishing page screenshot

Admin panel

Configured receiving e-mail

[email protected]


Attacker e-mail

E-mail password is the same as admin dashboard password 4 months ago, but now it is changed. I will not disclose the password as the admin dashboard contains sensitive info.


Attacker’s received e-mails sample

Other details

Some configurations have been changed to prevent the phishing page from currently working.


Hi , I’m getting Spam emails , every day … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: as i’m had subscribed to them.

The appropriate actions have been taken and the website has been reported the providers for investigations

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