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+1 315 810 5006 —1:46 pm Central, a woman answered and had a foreign accent. She kept breaking up, so I could not understand all that she said. Her phone line kept cutting in and out. Anyway, she said she provides customer support for Amazon Prime Video. When I called her out on her criminal behavior, she began cussing me in English. I mocked her and insulted her, et cetera. She hung up.

+1 877 849 0898 — Guy answered as “Amazon” … I gave him a hard time. He started asking, “Who are you? Who are you?” I said that I am the maderchod who dry-f$cks your mother’s a$s for a measley 5 Rupees. He hung up.

+1 844 675 8722 —1:56 pm Central … Guy answered … Eventually he told me to “feck off” haha

+1 848 289 2979 — I’m on hold — 1:59 pm Central — Guy answered as Amazon Prime Video

+1 888 601 0856 — 2:02 pm Central, Jessie at Amazon … He sounded unenthusiastic from the beginning.

+1 859 986 2577 — 2:05 Central, Miara (she spells it Miara because I asked, but she pronounced it Myra and she sounded either Indian or Pakistani) answered ….

+1 855 779 0925 … “Prime activation support, press one to activate” … I’m on hold, and I got an Indian woman or maybe Pakistani woman in terms of her foreign accent.

Okay, I am gonna post this and REVISIT all of these numbers! :laughing:

Regarding ‪(844) 675-8722:

This number was posted on Bob’s website as a Tech Support scam number back on March 7, 2021. So this number has been used to scam for at least 8 months.

I used Google to search this phone number and I found the following information that is interesting:

Technical service in Merrifield, Virginia
Located in: Trillium Apartments
Address: 9451 Lee Hwy #1206, Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: (844) 675-8722

For one and a half hours I have been calling and harassing these numbers. At present though some of them do not seem to be answering, or maybe they blocked finally my TextNow phone number and my Unknown Number VOIP phone number.

I’m gonna take a break from these numbers but I will try to return to them to see if they start answering again.