Amazon/PayPal Confused Refund Scam - (808) 404-9474

(808) 404-9474

Text claiming to be from “#Pay=pal” (below), answers “Amazon”. Confusedly claims he works for both.

Callback‪: (469) 319-3540‬ (on with him now)

Security: Your Card was debited 
$788.45 for ASUS Chromebook 
TRXN-ID:BBTP16DW at #Pay=pal 
Cancel this Transaction, 
If Its NOT you, 
Call +1(808) 404-9474?

I’m torturing this guy.
Me (playing a grumpy old man) to him:

“Please explain to my why I have to go to Dollar General to get a free security card that I’ll pay $200 for provided by the FBI department, to remove a hacker from my PayPal account when I don’t even have a PayPal account?” :rofl:


Gonna help you irritate him if it’s still up JC.

EDIT; Damn, I think you took him down. Was too late for the party :wink:


(808) 404-9474 Not in Service
(469) 319-3540 Not in Service

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[quote=“JohnChod, post:1, topic:106704”]
(808) 404-9474
[/quote] (808) 404-9474 active immediately hangs up

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I called that number from three different numbers, one says not found, the other rings twice and then drops

New Delhi IP
Funny video, same scammers


I was too late for the party. But thank you for the screen shot. I would have avoided a few cease-and-desist letters over the years, if I only made outbound calls to numbers where there was screen-shot proof of illegal mass marketing.